Karel Leon a.k.a. CHARLEON is a DJ, dance producer and tenor saxophonist from the Netherlands.

The streets of Amsterdam – here it all started when young CHARLEON played music to earn some extra pocket money for the latest Pokemon cards.

He went from classical piano over pop guitar up to the clarinet – but, at the age of eleven, CHARLEON fell in love with the saxophone. After playing the Alto for six years, he switched to Tenor just before starting University. That was also the time when he turned the family’s living room into a nightclub – the DJ was born.

His saxophone solos of the hottest dance tracks are the highlight of each of his DJ performances. This unique feature has made crowds dance throughout China, the Netherlands, Italy, England, France and India. CHARLEON played sold- out club nights at prestigious venues like the Space Plus Clubs in China, The Warehouse Elementenstraat and Radion in Amsterdam, PRYZM and The Birdcage in the United Kingdom, the magical Enter The Wave Surf Festival in France and The Emerald Banquet in India.

How does CHARLEON’s own music sound? The artist himself describes his style as feel good melodic dance. Under his very own label, Golden Love Music, he released “Lion Hearts feat. Marnix Emanuel” in 2017. Right away, Spotify picked up this fresh sound to feature it on their “Hot New Dance Tracks” hit playlist just next to Tiësto, Avicii and The Chainsmokers. Countless hours in the studio and filming on the magical island Formentera in Spain later, his new single “Truth and Love” was released. 

In September 2017, CHARLEON went back to the roots of his exchange and toured through the United Kingdom: Four days, five shows, three cities and more than 10.000 people: A perfect occasion to film the video for his first instrumental track “Journey” released in November 2017. In March 2018, CHARLEON’s fourth single “Angels Are Here” was released, with its music video shot on Ibiza. Shortly after, the DJ and music producer had the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to India: He played two shows at Goa beach and one event of a traditional Indian wedding in New Delhi. For summer 2018, the popular Surf Festival “Enter The Wave” got CHARLEON down to the French Atlantic coast for three shows on the mainstage right by the ocean. 

January 11th, 2019, CHARLEON released his new single “Go Back In Your Body” together with Vice Versa.

March 15th, 2019, they released a remix of this track called “Go Back In Your Body (Tropical Edit)

CharLeon on sax